Saturday Morning Trek 13: The One with D.C. Fontana / by Trek fm

Interview with Dorothy Fontana.

Running Time: 58 minutes 32 seconds
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A television writer since the early 1960s, Dorothy "D.C." Fontana was the personal assistant to Gene Roddenberry. It was through this role that she became a prominent creative force behind Star Trek. Dorothy had a large part in developing the character of Spock and his family in her story "Journey to Babel," and is also responsible for many other classic episode of The Original Series. She continued her ties to Star Trek when she signed on to Star Trek: The Animated Series in 1973, for which she became story editor and associate producer. And along the way, she deepened Spock's backstory in her script for the most famous TAS episode of all: "Yesteryear."

In this episode of Saturday Morning Trek, none other than Dorothy herself drops by the wood-paneled den. We discuss the fan reaction to the announcement of an animated series, how a writers strike actually improved the quality of the scripts, and how she brought a strong female voice to other '70s shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and Land of Lost.


Intro (00:01:30)
Getting involved with The Animated Series (00:02:11)
Fan Reception and Fan Base (00:4:05)
ABC Cartoon Promo (00:11:02)
"Yesteryear" (00:11:44)
Creating the Sehlat (00:14:30)
“The Magicks of Megas-Tu” (00:18:26)
Working with Filmation (00:21:30)
The Writer's Strike (00: 27:55)
The Stories, Writers, and Actors (00:30:05)
The Third Season and New Show Possibilities (00:33:29)
Other 1970s Shows (00:40:44)
The Six Million Dollar Man Clip (00:46:40)
Current Projects (00:54:07)
Closing (00:57:02)


Aaron Harvey


Dorothy "D.C." Fontana


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