Saturday Morning Trek 11: There’s Always Money in the Banana Suit / by Trek fm

The Survivor.

Running Time: 51 minutes 20 seconds
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When the Enterprise rescues a one-man ship on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the crew is shocked to discover that the ship is registered to Carter Winston, a famous philanthropist who has been missing for five years. Even more shocked is his fianceé, Anne, a security officer aboard the Enterprise.

How would you react if your long lost fiancé returned to you … and then said he can’t marry you? Ever. Oh yeah, and he’s an alien. And the human he is impersonating is rich—rich in a culture with no money. Those are just some of the issues tackled in “The Survivor.”

In this episode of Saturday Morning Trek, the wood-paneled den gets a visit from Andi VanderKolk of Women at Warp as we tackle this installment of The Animated Series.


Intro and Beyond! (00:01:53)
Synopsis (00:08:00)
Air Date and Writer (00:9:53)
Voices (00:10:12)
Blame It on Lt. Kyle (00:14:31)
Vendorians, Romulans, and Bad Command Decisions (00:16:00)
Rewriting Legends (00:34:51)
The Flash Cartoon with Ted Knight (00:36:15)
Continuity and Technology (00:36:47)
Who Is Carter Winston Now? (00:39:52)
Leisure Suit Carter (00:43:32)
Final Thoughts (00:49:12)


Aaron Harvey


Andi VanderKolk


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