Matter Stream 8: Writing Trek with Dayton Ward / by Trek fm

Dayton Ward.

Without new Star Trek on television the task of continuing the voyages has been left to Pocket Books and the many great writers who take us on literary Treks where no one has before. The weekly shows may be over—for now—but the exploration continues.

In recent years Pocket Books has been taking fans in multiple directions with unique series such as Typhon Pact and Vanguard. One of the key writers in this evolving Star Trek universe is Dayton Ward, who has penned both solo works and collaborated with other authors to continue the post-television world of the 24th century—and to add depth to the TOS era as well.

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Dayton to discuss how he became involved with Star Trek fiction, writing Trek fiction, thoughts on canon vs. non-canon, and to talk a bit about his new Original Series novel That Which Divides.