Matter Stream 7: Star Trek Secret Voyage / by Trek fm

Craig Sheeler.

Over the years Star Trek has inspired many to produce their own take on Gene Roddenberry’s universe. Without new episodes on television, fans with a background in film production, writing, and acting have developed a number of series that extend the missions of our favorite crews—and introduce us to new ones.

Many fans are familiar with Star Trek Phase II—previously known as New Voyages—a series that continues the story of Kirk and his crew beyond the third season of TOS. But a new series in development brings an all-new crew aboard the legendary Enterprise 1701 to carry out a very important special mission. This series is called Secret Voyage.

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Craig Sheeler, executive producer and creative director of Star Trek Secret Voyage, to discuss the series, what inspired him to take on this enormous project, and what we can expect to see in the year to come.