Matter Stream 5: Religion in Star Trek / by Trek fm

Kevin C. Neece: The Undiscovered Country Project.

Star Trek presents a humanistic view of the future, a world in which science and technology have entirely supplanted religion and spirituality—at least on Earth. At the same time a core component of Star Trek is the exploration of what it means to be human. For many the omission of the spirituality contradicts this mission. Although we see religion from time to time in Star Trek, it always comes in the form of adherence to planet-controlling computers, aliens posing as gods, or is presented as antiquated belief systems on primitive worlds. As far as Earth and humans are concerned, the stories of various faiths are referred to as “ancient mythology.” But is this a realistic view of the future?

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Kevin C. Neece, writer, speaker, and founder of The Undiscovered Country Project, an ongoing exploration of Star Trek from a Christian worldview perspective.