Matter Stream 21: The Reluctant Warrior / by Trek fm

Alec Peters and Richard Hatch talk Star Trek: Axanar.

Star Trek has inspired fans in many ways, and for creatives one of the most tantalizing paths to exploring Gene Roddenberry’s universe is through the DIY method—Do It Yourself. Without new episodes on television, fans with a background in film production, writing, and acting have developed a number of series that extend the missions of our favorite crews—and introduce us to new ones. The quality of these films has been astounding, giving us content that rivals that of television in years past.

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Propworx founder Alec Peters and Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch to discuss their new film project, Star Trek: Axanar, a war story set in the Star Trek universe that brings back some familiar characters, familiar actors, and delivers many new faces as well.