Matter Stream 14: Mission Log and Gene's Philosophy / by Trek fm

Rod Roddenberry.

Few television shows foster as much in-depth discussion as Star Trek. So it’s easy to say that podcasting and Star Trek are a match made on Sha Ka Ree. There are many podcasts dedicated to this world created by Gene Roddenberry—including quite a few right here on But a new show has entered the fold, produced by the son of Gene Roddenberry himself, Rod Roddenberry.

Mission Log is a podcast produced by Roddenberry Entertainment and Nerdist Industries dedicated to examining the deeper meaning of Trek. And the mission is a daunting one. Hosted by John Champion and Ken Ray, Mission Log will cover every episode of Star Trek beginning with “The Cage” and ending with “These Are the Voyages…” 

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Rod to talk about the genesis of the show, about podcasting as a medium for discussion, and we even delve into how each series approached his father’s vision of the future.