Matter Stream 11: Dan Madsen: A Lifelong Journey with Star Trek / by Trek fm

Dan Madsen.

As Star Trek fans we all dream of finding ourselves right in the middle of it all—on the set, covering the biggest moments in franchise history as they happen. For Dan Madsen, that dream came true when Gene Roddenberry told Paramount that what started as a fan newsletter should become official.

When Paramount Pictures approached Dan Madsen in 1982, what had begun as a simple newsletter about Star Trek: The Motion Picture grew into one of the largest endeavors in fan history. With the backing of Gene Roddenberry himself, The Official Star Trek Fan Club was born and this newsletter evolved into the magazine that came to be known as Star Trek Communicator. It set Dan Madsen on a lifelong journey with Star Trek, and the nature of this story could not be more fitting to the core of what Star Trek represents.

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by Dan to talk about this journey and what Star Trek has meant to his life.