Matter Stream 1: The Roddenberry Foundation and Trek Nation / by Trek fm

Rod Roddenberry.

Imagine a world where new frontiers are discovered and explored, all children are given the chance to thrive, our environment is treasured and preserved, everybody is given a chance to prosper, disease is a thing of the past, quality education is accessible to all, and innovation and imagination are valued. These are the core ideals of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek; but they’re more than that. They’re also the ideals that guide The Roddenberry Foundation, the non-profit philanthropic group founded by Gene’s son, Rod Roddenberry.

In this episode of Matter Stream we sit down with Rod to discuss how the Foundation came to be formed, how it works together with those dedicated to making the vision of a better world a reality, and where the Foundation is headed in the future. In addition, we also talk about the upcoming documentary Trek Nation, how Rod learned who his father really was over the course of the 10 years spent making documentary, and what he hopes fans will take away from the show.