Fiction Index by Charlynn Schmiedt



Khan-Do Attitude

by Emmet O’Brien

Rating: K

Synopsis: A humorous look at the life of Khan and his augments a few years after being stranded on Ceti Alpha V.


In the Shadows

by Travis Anderson

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Mira Romaine is on her way to Romulus for a historic exchange of information. Before she leaves, though, a visitor asks her to undertake a second mission while there. What she discovers changes her perspective forever.    




by Phillip Gilfus, with contributions from Daniel Proulx and Darren Moser

Rating: K+

Synopsis: This is an ongoing mini-series written by's Earl Grey podcasters that follows a handful of "lower decks" crew members newly appointed to the Enterprise-D.

Chronology: Several weeks after the battle of Wolf 359.



by Travis Anderson

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Tom Riker faces new challenges and new choices aboard the U.S.S. Gandhi.  After eight years alone on Nervalla IV, what will he do now that he's surrounded by the crew of a starship?  How will he differentiate himself from William Riker?  One thing is for certain, it won't be by playing it safe.

Chronology: Three months after the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Second Chances" in early 2370 and nine months before the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Defiant" in 2371.




by Travis Anderson

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Calvin Hudson has been captured by paramilitaries.  Starfleet, the Cardassian Militia, and the Maquis all want him.  It's only a matter of time before one of them acquires the prize.

Chronology: DS9 Season Two, six months after "Maquis Parts 1 & 2" and TNG Season Seven "Preemptive Strike."



by Travis Anderson

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Kira and Odo are called into an investigation by a superior officer in the Bajoran Militia. The Kohn Ma terrorist, Tahna Los, has information regarding a string of murders involving a rival Resistance cell. It soon becomes apparent that Tahna also has ties to the Maquis and that the victims could be considered collaborators by the Maquis. 

Chronology: Directly after the third season episode "Heart of Stone."


True Faith

by Travis Anderson

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Neela didn't just happen to be a puppet of Vedek Winn Adami. Events in her life placed Winn in the pinnacle of importance to Neela. Five years after the failed assassination of Vedek Bareil, Neela is given a second chance at life. But will she free herself of Winn's influence or will she remain a willing instrument of the Kai?

Chronology: Pre-first season episode "Emissary," then post-fourth season episode "Crossfire."



Course Correction 

by Travis Anderson

Series: TNG, DS9, VOY

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Tom Riker is drawn into a Maquis web as Chakotay recruits Riker on Kalita's recommendation. The task: To infiltrate and eliminate a Cardassian base located within the Demilitarized Zone. In doing so, the Maquis provide Riker with a crisis of conscience. Will he commit to them just in this small matter, or will he go even further once presented with a tantalizing mystery?

Chronology: Six months after TNG's "Preemptive Strike," one month prior to the events in VOY's "Caretaker," and two months prior to the DS9 episode "Defiant."



by Travis Anderson

Series: TNGDS9

Rating: M (dark themes)

Synopsis: In the TNG season 7 episode Lower Decks, the Enterprise detected debris indicative of a Federation shuttlecraft’s life pod’s destruction. There was no mention of organic material. In fact, the crew had to hear about the death of Sito Jaxa though Cardassian military reports. But again, no body was ever presented as evidence. Is Sito Jaxa alive, and if so, what happened to her?

Chronology: The following are a series of vignettes beginning in 2371 post-DS9 “Defiant” and stretching until post-DS9 “What You Leave Behind.”


The Cause 

by Travis Anderson

Series: TOS, DS9

Rating: K+

Synopsis: Michael Eddington has left Starfleet, but his arrival in the DMZ heralds in a new era for the Maquis.  What Ro Laren wants to know is will it be an era of newfound success and/or a period of unrestricted extremism?

Chronology: Two weeks after the Deep Space Nine fourth season episode "For the Cause."



As with other forms of media, fiction stories have a ratings scale.

K = G

K+ = Safe for children but contains some darker/mature themes

T = PG-13

M = R

A = Adult/NC-17