Ranking the Star Trek Film Franchise by Trek fm

After more than three decades of big screen voyages, the Star Trek film count has now grown to eleven, with a twelfth installment on the way. We’ve been taken on quite a ride along the way, and have traveled from the 23rd century to the 24th and back again. In the second episode of The Ready Room Greg Harbin and I covered the Trekathon event in which 23 Trek fans screened all eleven movies over the course of two days and ranked them all. So where do I stand? Which are the best and which are the worst? Let’s find out…

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From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan, Or How Mr. Spock Got Cool by Trek fm

If Vulcan has a cucumber equivalent, Mr. Spock would be as cool as that. With his slightly-upturned eyebrows just right for lifting in wry fascination at the absurdity of human behavior to his understated utterance of “fascinating” often targeting same, Mr. Spock is one calm, collected and unfazed alien.

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