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Deck Eight is a Star Trek Online podcast from that brings you STO news, tips and tricks, and Foundry reviews each week.

Deck Eight

Deck Eight 53: Future Content

STO Voyager. We talk about the possible future Voyager content for Star Trek Online, discuss yet another mining event, and go through some of the latest Patch Notes. 


Deck Eight 52: More Lock Boxes

Battleship Royal Rumble. We discuss in detail the new Elachi Lock Boxes and Shervin and Tom do their first pure combat mission called “Battleship Royal Rumble” by Juggeranut47. 


Deck Eight 51: Ice Cream In Space

Alpha Flight. We discuss STO’s Star Trek Las Vegas plans, go forward in time to check out the new Romulan Time Ships, and get our gold wings as they explore RemairTamec’s “Alpha Flight,” which won Foundry Challenge 7. 


Deck Eight 50: Let’s Celebrate

50th Anniversary. We celebrate our 50th episode by raking in some Romulan veteran awards, checking out the gold subscription sale, and going mining for dilithium—the traditional golden anniversary celebration in the world of Star Trek. 


Deck Eight 49: Romeo & Romeo

State of the Game for July 2013. We discuss the State of the Game for July 2013, the Carrier Command Interface 2.0, an update on the Foundry Challenge 7, and downloading Arc for the first time. 


Deck Eight 48: The Three Musketeers

The Syndicate Extraction. We look at Massively’s visit to Cryptic, throw on some new TNG Romulan uniforms, get their Tribble test reward, and explore the Foundry mission “The Syndicate Extraction.”  


Deck Eight 47: Hello from Scotland!

Mark On the Bridge. We welcome a new member, Mark McCulloch, explore the Foundry mission “One Too Many” by XR-447, and Mark introduces his new segment “The Build Doctor.” 


Deck Eight 46: Jet Packs On Risa

Summer’s New Resort Island. We take you to the climate-controlled paradise of Risa for a jetpack ride and a chance to win a Risian Corvette starship, and play “Order of Hov’lw” in the Foundry Corner. 


Deck Eight 45: Brandon On Tour

Brandon “Bran Flakes” Felczer Interview. Bran Flakes and his European counterpart Manni for an in-depth interview about Star Trek Online, upcoming projects, and even some hints about this summer’s Risa event. 


Deck Eight 44: Darth Shervin

Darths, Brandons, and Romulans. We bring you the latest on their Legacy of Romulus experiences and check in on Perfect World Community Manager Brandon “BranFlakes” Felczer’s upcoming London adventure and player meet-ups. 


Deck Eight 43: To the Foundry!

Repairing Utopia Planitia. We fill you in on the Perfect World’s unified login launch, also known as Arc, and journey to the Sol System for the Foundry Corner. 


Deck Eight 42: Mrs. Bump

Playing Romulan. Now that the Romulan expansion is in full swing, the Deck Eight crew share their first thoughts on the changes to the game. 


Deck Eight 41: He's Jeffrey Combs

Nimbus Adventures and Desperate Prey. We take you to Nimbus III for some fun in the Paradise Lost Adventure Zone, bring you some Romulan console information, dive into warp cores, and find out what items have been added to the Legacy Pack. 


Deck Eight 40: The Cat with UI

Thomas Marrone. We're joined by Star Trek Online UI Artist Thomas Marrone to discuss his early gaming experience and how he got hired by Cryptic. 


Deck Eight 39: Pulsing Shards and Phoenixes

Depths or Nukara Prime. We continue the build-up to the launch of STO’s Romulan expansion, explore the Foundry mission “Depths of Nukara Prime,” and check in on Denise Crosby as she speaks about reprising Sela. 


Deck Eight 38: I'm a Rear Escort

The Spirits of Ramok Nor. We delve into Romulan Warbird singularity powers, new customisation features for your embassy, and the April Ask Cryptic. 


Deck Eight 37: He's a Jerk!

Romulans! They’re Everywhere! We look at Romulan ship progressions, the Nukara Strikeforce, revamping of the trait system, and get you set for The Legacy of Romulus. 


Deck Eight 36: A Man of Many Fleets

Hive Onslaughts and Crystalline Catastrophes. We look at the latest Star Trek Online news including a sale on Zen and lock boxes, the Crystalline Catastrophe event, skill planning, a sunroof for your embassy, and Tom and Shervin’s experience with the Hive Onslaught. 


Deck Eight 35: I Don't Watch TV Unless It's On TV

Romulans… and more Romulans. We look at the new Romulan ships coming to STO. Also in this week’s news are in-game First Contact Day celebrations and the unprecedented hacking of the Caspian Fleet. 


Deck Eight 34: I Have a Shaved Cat

To Helna and Back. We're joined by Foundry author and Podcast UGC host Havraha to discuss some of the inside nuggets behind Podcast UGC as well as some Foundry tips and tricks and his mission “To Helna and Back.” 


Deck Eight 33: Spock's Mitten

Legacy of Romulus. We delve into the major update to Star Trek Online that gives you the chance to reshape the Romulan Empire in the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus and Remus. 


Deck Eight 32: Not the Ferengi F.A.A. 

The Foundry Academy and Starbase UGC. We're joined by Oliver Smith to talk about the new Foundry Academy. Over the course of six weeks, three online video streaming events will take place. By the end you’ll know all you need to build your own foundry mission. 


Deck Eight 31: Anomaly

Meeting Res. We bring you the first of our new “Meet the Author” series as Colin and Shervin sit down with Res, author of the Foundry mission “The Anomaly,” which is the story of a Borg search for the Omega Particle. 


Deck Eight 30: Andorian Fight Scenes

The Kumari Line. We recap some of the latest Star Trek Online news including new Andorian Kumari Line escort ships, patch notes, and the new starships spotlight video. Plus, in the Foundry Review we look at “The Anomaly.” 


Deck Eight 29: The Dynamic Duo

New Fleet Ships. We look at new fleet ships, patch notes, Starbase Feature #13: Magestic Instruction, and the February Ask Cryptic. Plus, in the Foundry Review, we look at “To Helena and Back.” 


Deck Eight 28: The Syrup Returns

Brigadier General Ships. We cover patch notes and the Brigadier General ships for Klingons, plus in the Foundry Review Aaron and Shervin review Woody Valley’s “The Floods at Home.” 


Deck Eight 27: Happy Birthday STO!

Romulan Speculation and Temporal Ambassadors. We look at the third Embassy Featured Project, the January 2013 State of the Game report, stats on the third-anniversary ships, and an incredible infographic that sheds light on the real numbers behind STO. 


Deck Eight 26: Shervin Into Darkness

Dominion Lock Boxes and Q&A. We recap some of the latest Star Trek Online news including the arrival of Dominion Lock Boxes and the Friday Screenshot, which teases STO’s third anniversary. 


Deck Eight 25: DS What Hole?

STO and the Dominion for Newbies. We look at UGC Prepaid Cards and bonus Zen, the end of temporal lock boxes, and an extended sitdown between Brandon “BranFlakes” Felczer and Denise Crosby about her secret STO project. 


Deck Eight 24: Tom's Big Chair

Ambassadorial Speculation. We recap January’s edition of Ask Cryptic, speculate on the Ambassador Class Friday screenshot and Denise Crosby’s visit to the STO studios, and review recent patch notes. 


Deck Eight 23: The King and I

Breen Ships and Tactics. Shervin and Aaron explore Rogue Enterprise’s “Cause and Effect” in their Foundry review, and the crew break into a general discussion about Breen ships and tactics. 


Deck Eight 22: Whipped Aaron

Starships for Commanders. The latest STO news including the an about-face by Perfect World regarding Investigate Officer Reports, and Shervin and Aaron explore Wilv’s “Life Is But a Dream” in their Foundry review. 


Deck Eight 21: Have a Tholian While Aaron Sings

Brandon Returns. Bran Flakes joins us for another extensive Star Trek Online Q&A session. 


Deck Eight 20: Cooking with Shervin

Tribbles, Warships, and Winter Wonderland. Aaron and Shervin review @alimac30’s Foundry mission, “The Mayns of Balnar Moon,” with an intro by the author himself. 


Deck Eight 19: Hive and Shield

Patches and Ground Combat. Shervin and Aaron bring you a review and Colin’s Tip Box focuses on ground combat. 


Deck Eight 18: Shervin's Shortcomings

Saturday’s Child, Ground Shields, and the State of Q. Aaron and Shervin take on “Saturday’s Child” and “State of Q.” Then in the Tip Box Colin gives you advice on ground shields. 


Deck Eight 17: Dee's Pants!

PvE Improvements and STFs. We look at patch updates, PvE Queue improvements coming in Season 7, The Vault: Ensnared, and an extended chance to grab the Duty Officers promo pack. 


Deck Eight 16: 5 Into 1

Deck Eight Renovations. We look at the Duty Officer Pack Promo, Q’s upcoming winter event, the latest Starbase Feature Project, New Romulus, Morn and Klingon strippers… and even salt vampires! 


Deck Eight 15: It Is Green

New Romulan Zones. We look at these plus the Azure Nebula Rescue Event, Ambassador post details, changes to the reward structure, and the reputation system. 


Deck Eight 14: Season Seven Brandon

Brandon W. Felczer, Perfect World. Bran Flakes joins us for an extensive Q&A session about Star Trek Online. 


Deck Eight 13: The ISS Meets Kirkfats

Kirkfats Foundry Mission. Tom takes us through a Foundry mission by Starbase UGC’s Kirkfat aboard his very own ship, the U.S.S. International Sex Symbol… Tristan Riddell. 


Deck Eight 12: Through a Time Ship, Darkly

Time Ships and Mirror Universe Ships. We cover the new Temporal Lock Boxes and Lobi ships, Wells Class temporal science vessels, Mobius Class temporal destroyers, the Korath Class Klingon temporal science vessels, Aeon timeships, Rozhenko timeships, and from the Mirror Universe the Krenn Class temporal destroyers.  


Deck Eight 11: Oooooh Shiny!

Trophies. We take you through the wonderfully shiny world of trophies in STO! 


Deck Eight 10: Kirk's Other Canon

Ground Combat, Part Deux. We wrap up our in-depth look at ground combat in STO. 


Deck Eight 9: Not a Kirk Canon

Ground Combat. We take an in-depth look at ground combat in STO. 


Deck Eight 8: Easter Eggs In Space

Special Accolades. We delve into Star Trek Online’s hidden accolades on the Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Undine, and Borg fronts. 


Deck Eight 7: Shields! Shields!

An in-depth look at shields. We go in depth into shields to discuss the various types and how you can leverage them to match your gameplay. 


Deck Eight 6: Brandon and the Klingons

Brandon W. Felczer, Perfect World. Bran Flakes joins us for an extensive Q&A session about the current state and the future of Star Trek Online. 


Deck Eight 5: Rumours and Flagships

STO Patch, Starbase Ships, Odyssey and Borta Classes. Dan Stahl’s response to rumours of looming trouble for STO, and the different types of new Starbase ships and the colour codes now in use. 


Deck Eight 4: Weyland Yutani Fleet

STO in Vegas, Ships and EV Suits, The State of Play. Admiral Aaron joins us for an interview about the Weyland Yutani fleet. 


Deck Eight 3: Beyond Azure

Tholian Lock Boxes, TNG Anniversary Unlocks, Fleet Ship Modules, First Mission. Tips on selecting your character when first starting the game, explaining the various traits and how they impact your officer. 


Deck Eight 2: To Gold Or Not To Gold

Comparing Plans, Cryptic Goes Zen, Season 6 Details, Tutorial Walkthrough. Get an in-depth view of the new fleet advancement system, fleet events, max-level content, and the introduction of the Tholians to the Star Trek Online universe. 


Deck Eight 1: Angles, Points, and Starbases

Veteran Rewards, Season 6, Reinforcements Pack. In a closer look at the upcoming Season 6, we delve into what the focus on Fleet Starbases means to you, as well as how freighters fit into your game plan.