Axanar 42: Timeline Retro / by Brandon-Shea Mutala

Simon Lissaman Interview.

Running Time: 1 hours 1 minutes 21 seconds
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Since he was a small boy, Simon Lissaman has been drawing and painting, inspired by the fantasy worlds of Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Star Trek. A concept designer for films and games, toy design, illustration for print and web and model fabrication, Simon felt inspiration strike when he saw the short film, Prelude to Axanar, and immediately contacted Alec Peters to offer his assistance in creating the vision.

In this episode of the official Axanar Podcast, Peters is joined by Lissaman to discuss his design work for Axanar including a phasers, bat'leths, and costume design. In news, Alec and Robert provide new details on the trial and disucss the release of Rogue One.


Welcome to Episode 42 (00:00:00)
News (00:02:45)
Welcome, Simon! (00:13:35)
A Time You Never Saw Before (00:16:05)
The Phaser (00:19:36)
Consistency (00:21:52)
They All Worked Together (00:25:58)
The Klingon Costume (00:27:36)
The Bat'leth's(00:33:50)
Simon's Other Designs (00:37:39)
Simon's Real Life (00:39:34)
Final Thoughts (00:57:23)


Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett


Simon Lissaman