Axanar 41: Basically, You Guys Build V'ger / by Brandon-Shea Mutala

Larry O'Connor and Bing Bailey Interview.

Running Time: 45 minutes 22 seconds
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OWC Digital have made amazing advances in computer hard drive technology by building drive arrays and writing the software to run them. These products allow users to edit large video files without any freezing of the hard drive, and OWC's mantra is that they build products and solutions to help people take their creativity further.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters are joined by Bing Bailey, the digital imaging technician and digital colorist on Prelude to Axanar, and Larry O'Connor to discuss new technology from Other World Computing (OWC) and how its use will change high-definition film editing.


Intro and Patches! (00:00:00)
The Lawsuit (00:02:37)
Recent Filming (00:05:51)
Larry O'Connor and Bing Bailey (00:12:31)
Working with 5K Files (00:18:46)
The Software Component (00:20:17)
Differences between Hard Drive Types (00:24:23)
How Does Drive Speed Help in Post Production? (00:27:17)
Designed and Built in North America (00:33:48)
Eight-Drive Thunderbolt 3 Arrays? (00:36:15)
Final Thoughts (00:40:10)


Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett


Larry O'Connor and Bing Bailey