Axanar 13: Changing Your Horizon / by Trek fm

Set Design with John Iacovelli.

Axanar may look more like a large studio production than an independent one, but the incredible work we’ve seen has been done on an extremely limited budget. Bringing aboard talent that knows how to work within those constraints is part of the magic; and few know how to do this better than Emmy Award-winner John Iacovelli, series production designer on Babylon 5.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, Alec Peters and Christopher Jones are joined by John to find out how he came to sign on to the production, the challenges of and approaches to working with small budgets, what has influenced his approach to design, and his visions for Axanar.

In our news segment we get the latest on the search for the home of Ares Studios, Aaron Dembski-Bowden joining the team to write the novelization of Axanar, plans for a behind-the-scenes videocast by Alec and Robert Meyer Burnett, and Alec explains why the Star Trek branding is being removed from Axanar.

Running Time: 48 minutes 31 seconds


Christopher Jones and Alec Peters


John Iacovelli

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Associate Producer

Norman C. Lao


Ares Studios space search update (00:00:49)
New camera and plans for behind-the-scenes Axanar videocast (00:05:13)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden to write Axanar novelization (00:07:23)
Removal of Star Trek branding from Axanar (00:10:35)

Feature: Set Design with John Iacovelli

How John Became Involved in Axanar (00:13:57)
Working with Small Budgets (00:22:12)
John’s Design Influences (00:28:43)
Visions for the Production Design of Axanar (00:31:45)
Closing (00:38:49)

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